Remove Ads from Windows Live Messenger Chat Window

Windows Live Messenger displays advertisement at two places. One is shown on the messenger itself and the second area is at the footer section of the chat window. Though I have almost gone blind to those advertisement but if that is something bothering you, you can at least get rid of the advertisement in your chat window. I have used Windows Live Messenger 2011 here.

Instructions to remove advertisement :

  • Go to Options > Messages. To bring options up, press alt key on your keyboard.
  • Under Conversation, uncheck the option which says “Show Expanded Footer in conversation windows”
  • Apply and Close Options.
  • Now open a chat window and you sill the its thinner and there is no advertisement.

Windows Live Messenger Messages Option

The Footer was basically used for advertisement and has no purpose. Here is how it looks before and after I selected the option.

Before and After Removing Ads

If you are comfortable using a software to remove the advertisement, You can try A-Patch which also include removing Ads from Main Messenger Window, Allows to open multiple Instance of Windows Live Messenger etc.  They also include similar solution for Yahoo Messenger. Thanks Dwarka


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