Remove broken shortcuts and links in Windows

Shortcuts are very useful but at the same time as you keep installing software and unsinstall them, there are chances that some shortcuts either created by you or system stay. This state of shortcuts or links of which the target files have been removed or moved is called as broken shortcuts.

MakeUseof recently pointed out to a program, which is basically one of the tools availble for server maintenance, called as Check Links of which the sole purpose is to find these kind of broken links on Windows Server.

Check Links comes as a part of Windows Server 2003 Resource  toolkit but also works fine on Windows 7 , Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Using Check links is very easy. All you need is to run the pogram and give it a second to collect all broken links on the computer. Then it presents you a list of all broken files which you can remove by making all or individual selection.

Find dead links on your computer

This is useful but if you are already using programs like CCleaner or anything similar which cleans your junk and registry stuff, you might not just find any dead links.

You can download the whole resource kit which is pretty small, 1.8 MB from Microsoft Download Center. There are many other usegul tools I can see and will be comoing out with a comprehensive post on it.

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