Remove duplicate files by doing byte to byte comparison

Easy File Duplicate finder is a windows freeware which allows you to find duplicate files in folders and subfolders by doing a byte to byte comparison. Byte to byte comparison can actually find duplicate files even if they had different names which makes duplicate file removal to be removed. You can click on the image to see a larger and detailed view

Easy Duplicate File finder
Easy Duplicate File finder

Just select the folder you want to scan for duplicate files i.e like your music files. The scan result gives you a result which is grouped by the file names and makes it easy to find it. Moreover you can also check the size of files and move it to another folder making your job smooth.

Here is the list of complete features of duplicate file finder

  • Search files by masks
  • Size conditions & skip zero-length files option
  • Protect system files and folders
  • Move files to Recycle Bin or delete duplicate files permanently
  • Mark selected duplicates by renaming them with adding prefix to file names – to test which files is safe to delete
  • Rename duplicate files with prefix/postfix
  • Move duplicate files to folder
  • Open folder containing selected file
  • Show file properties
  • Open file with associated program
  • Export list of duplicates to HTML document or to TXT file


  1. Easy duplicate finder is very good tool for free but i need a professional tool to find and remove duplicate files and i find duplicate finder is very good for this job.

  2. Deleting duplicate files is a good way to clean up the computer. I recently used the duplicate file cleaner and was able to clean up nearly 80GB of space by deleting duplicate files. The easy duplicate finder is also a good tool to use and it is free so it has an added advantage.

  3. Freeing your computer from duplicate files makes your computer into top shape I’ve been using “DuplicateFilesDleter” a quick fix for finding and deleting duplicate files.


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