Namexif : Rename boring digital images to taken dates

We had talked a lot on EXIF data which is basically the meta data of any photo taken from digital camera. Once we talked how you can drop it to reduce image size and once we had talked how you can use a tool to find if the image was edited after taken from the camera and Saikat Basu has come with another software which uses the EXIF data in a smart way.

It changes the file names of pictures which are in format of IMG_001 etc to DD–MM–YY format with option of adding some prefixes etc.

How this can help any body ? On first hand this is much better than IMG_ naming convention and secondly it is easy to find on which date was that picture taken. You can also set option in your digital camera of adding a prefix before taking any photograph but if you don’t want, this software does that  too. Check out this post for further details and download namexif


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