Did you try Reorder feature in Google translate ?

Though not perfect but Google Translate is used by many around the world to overcome the language surprises which they get using the Internet. Today I will talk about two features which you should use when using Google Translate which will help you and Google Translate Engine to accurately translate for you in future.

Reorder Translated Words in Google translate :

Did you know that you can reorder the translated words so it makes more sense ? Many a times because of the way grammar is designed in languages,  some words come first in one language when compared to English. For example when you say I do not have a name in Hindi ( मेरा कुछ  नाम नही है ),  name come right after I and rest follows.

Google translate hindi to english

Keeping these kind of situations in mind, Google Translate allows you to re order the words. To reorder, press shift key on your keyboard and you will be able to drag and move that set of words back and forth.

Remember when I said set of words, it means set of word which is translated from the original word which is highlighted in yellow as you mouse hover. You cannot do it for each word.

Reorder Words in Google TranslateGet more suggestion for translated words

Another very useful feature is use of suggested alternative words which can be seen when you click on a translated word. This helps you either use the suggested or use something which you find right, ultimately rewriting the complete translation.

Suggested Translated Words in Google TranslateSo for the above example I can replace

  • My with I
  • is not with Do not have
  • Something with A

So the translation at the end becomes, “I do not have a name”.

Now the drawback here is replacing “something” with “a” which is not write but since Google translate do not have an option to delete I can’t use it that way.


  1. reordering that way doesn’t work for macs!! click and shift ain’t working, neither does any other key combo I tried.

  2. Appears that reordering words via the shift key is gone now.

    If Google designed cars you would get into your car one day to find the steering wheel and gas petal were gone and then you would have to spend hours figuring out if you could steer and drive some other way.

  3. Well I found out what the replacement for shift-drag to reorder words is. Near the bottom left of the translated words box is a pencil icon. Click that and the translation box changes into a text field where you can simply edit the text without any need to shift-drag word segments.


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