Replace a celebrity face with yours, get hillarious mashups

Celebrity Mashup from Replace your Face is a Free iPhone, iPad and iPod touch app, which can be downloaded to create some damn hilarious photos. What is actually does is it allows you to replace a face on a Celebrity pic, from your own i.e. you can put your face on a celebrity pic and remove the actual face from there.

Once you have created a funny picture, with your face on a celebrity body, you can later upload your pics to Facebook, email to a friend or save in your photo library and assign to contacts.

Here are some of the snapshots of the app, have a look –

Replace the face from Celebrity pic by that of yours free iPhone iPad and iPod Touch app

Put your face on a Celebrity pic free iPhone iPad and iPod Touch app

Free iPhone iPod Touch and iPad app to place your face on a celebrity pic

The application comes for free, bundled with some celebrity pics, but if you need more celebrity pics, you will have to buy them; there are 10 packs available to be downloaded, each for $0.99.

Download Celebrity Mashup

If you are looking forward to have fun with your photos or may be with photos of friends and family, you can visit our Photo Fun Section.


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