reQall : Best Mobile app for managing tasks on the move

Most of the mobiles comes with an inbuilt task management system which allows you to even integrate with calendar and help you get your things done in time but if you check out reQall it beats the best of the applications as it brings extra tools together. Its available for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android users.

Here is the feature list :

  • Task Management : Add tasks by typing, voice or even by calling reQall.
  • Notes : You can save items as notes which you can refer later.
  • Location service : You can create locations and attach them to task.
  • It has inbuilt speech to text conversion which means when you add a task by voice or call, it gets converted into text after sometime.
  • Sends you email about your task and if you have used voice or call, a sound file is sent to you.
  • Integrates with calendar and even other items like email, sms etc which can be added as task or notes.

Check out the screenshot below :

Reqall Features

To start using this is easy. You should create an account with reQall first which you can do it from the application on the mobile or online. Once done that you can start syncing between them.

reQall Add Tasks and Notes

reQall also comes with paid version which provides more integration and more features but if you are casual user the free version should be more than enough for you.

Download : BlackBerry | iPhone | Android | Download Page