How to Resize Taskbar Preview Thumbnail in Windows 10

The taskbar preview feature in Windows 10 lets you sneak peek or shows you a thumbnail to get an idea about what is open in that window. The default size of the preview thumbnail is around 200 px. If you find it small, then it this post; we will share how you can resize Taskbar preview thumbnail in Windows 10. The feature first rolled out in Windows Vista.

How to Resize Taskbar Preview Thumbnail in Windows 10
How to Resize Taskbar Preview Thumbnail in Windows 10

How to Resize Taskbar Preview Thumbnail in Windows 10

There are two ways of doing it. First is you can modify a registry entry. The second is to use WinAero tweaker. The later is much easier as it offers a user interface that anybody can use and update.

1] Registry Change

Registry change to resize thumbnail preview

  • Type Regedit in the Run prompt (WIN + R) and then press the Enter key
  • Navigate to the following registry location


  • Right-click on the space on the right, and create the following 32-bit DWORD
    • MinThumbSizePx 
    • MaxThumbSizePx
  • Double click on each of them set the value of MinThumbSizePx and MaxThumbSizePX as 400
  • Exit the registry editor, sign out and sign in again.

Now, if you mouse hover on the task preview, you should see the thumbnails bigger than the previous one.

2] WinAero Tweaker

How to Resize Taskbar Preview Thumbnail in Windows 10

It’s an excellent program that can easily change the size. Download, unzip, and install the tweaker from here.

  • Launch the Tweaker, and switch to Desktop and Taskbar > Taskbar Thumbnails
  • Under general options, use the slider to change the thumbnail size.
  • Click on Restart explorer to refresh the UI
  • Hover your mouse on any of the items on Taskbar, and the preview will be more prominent.

Here are the images of before and after of Thumbnail Preview


Like you can see in the image above, you can easily Resize Taskbar Preview Thumbnail in Windows 10. Apart from the size, you can also change several thumbnails to a group, delay, spacing, and margins. If you do not like thumbnails at all, you can also disable them.

I hope the post was easy to understand, and you were able to change the size of the Taskbar Preview Thumbnail in Windows 10

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