Restore accidentally deleted / uninstalled Programs

Sometimes we accidentally delete system drivers or even uninstall applications and the later get to know that we need it. Also if you test around lot of applications on your computer, installing the application every time is time-consuming. Comodo Programs Manager is a Windows utility which helps you in restoring programs in such cases.

This application focuses on areas like Program Installation and Updates, Installed Drivers and Services and finally the broken installations which leaves a lot of junk files in your system and the registry hive. It keeps backup of programs when you start uninstalling if you need to revert back. The same can be achieved using System Restore in Windows 7 but then it affects the complete system.

Restore Programs Comodo

Restore Drivers Comodo

The location of back up can be changed to any drive and you can also password protect the backups so nobody else can use it. The backup comes in handy when you want to try out the different version of same programs to compare the difference.

List of Features :

  • Quickly enable and disable windows services like that of Games, Media Features, print services etc.
  • Remove broken installations i.e. programs which do no uninstall completely which makes registry heavy and huge amount of  files and folders which are never used.
  • It also displays the Windows Updates. You can select each of them to see what the update is about. I found this particular feature very useful if somebody is interested to know the updates.
  • Drivers and Services also can be managed from here.

Download Comodo Programs Manager |  Similar tool : Radar Sync for finding missing Windows 7 Driver.

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