Reveal CD track names in Windows Media Player with WPMCDText

One of the major problem with existing Windows Media Player when used to play a audio cd is it does not show the song information. Instead it shows as Unknown Album and Track7, Track 5 and so on. This is pretty annoying how ever there is a solution for this.

WPMCDText is a plugin developed for WIndows Media Player 10 and 11 ( windows 2003, windows xp and vista ) reads the Text forcibly from the CD and shows it to you. Just right click and say Read CD Text and your information is populated in the manner you ever wanted.



This software is amazingly useful if you are using windows media player more often. I found this software at this forum where you can get the download link and complete discussion as well. Or use this direct download link


  1. When I right click on ‘read CD text’ it shows an error 4 and no track titles.

    Using WPMCDT 1.1 and Winplayer 11, and XP SP2.

    Apparently this is a common problem, which pretty makes WMPCDT a zero for 1,ooo’s of users.

    Maybe someone will make a more robust utility.


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