Review of the Hoverwatch Mobile Phone Tracker

What is a mobile phone tracker?

Mobile phone tracker is a piece of software application that can help search and locate a mobile phone. That is a smartphone, regardless of whether the target phone is moving or stationary.

Why do parents use the Hoverwatch to track the phone?

Tracking a mobile phone may be necessary as a matter of protecting the user of the target phone or track what the target phone user is doing online. Similarly, businesses can track their employees’ smartphones.

Parents like to track the smartphone of their children using a mobile tracking app such as Hoverwatch. Doing so is helpful to protect children from the harmful effects of the Internet. The harmful effects include bullying online, objectionable content on social media, SMS, emails, and the like.

Why is it convenient to use the phone tracking application?

The emergence of new software technology to track smartphones has made it easier, simpler, and convenient and discreetly.

If you use a mobile phone tracker like Hoverwatch, your job will be easier and more convenient. This phone tracking app enables you to track the target phone without making the user know that they are being tracked.

Review of the Hoverwatch Mobile Phone Tracker

Further, even if you’re home or elsewhere, you can track the activities performed by the target phone user. You do not need to take into possession the gadget. The phone tracking application will store all the activities in the control panel of your account, which you can see later.

What are the main functions of the application will be useful to parents?

Once you sign up the application and make the device ready, it will be easy for you to track the target smartphone.

The main functions of the application that will be useful for parents include the text messages and calls stored, and tracking Viber Facebook and WhatsApp activity and the ability to locating the smartphone. There are many other features that will be useful for parents, but aforesaid features will be more helpful. We’ll elaborate them a little.

Mobile phone tracker

Mobile phone tracker

The mobile phone tracker is an important software application that enables parents to track children having smartphones. Parents can do this without the knowledge of the children. The can know precisely what is happening online. What are the kids doing, who’s there talking to the phone, who they’re sending email to, who they are sending SMS to, and what kind of interaction they are performing with others online?

All these pieces will help parents to take necessary and immediate action to protect children.

Phone keylogger

The Hoverwatch mobile phone tracking app secretly tracks for the windows computers of the user. It records all usage of camera and screenshots websites and others. It will work whether it is the personal computer – a desktop or laptop. Records all the text typed by using whether it is a physical keyboard are a virtual keyboard. It works both on Windows as well as Mac.

SMS Management

The app records call history audio as well as SMS.

It records all incoming and outgoing SMS as well as calls.

With the help of the SMS tracking feature of the app, parents may see all the MMS as well as SMS messages sent as well as received by the user.

The app also enables parents to track the images sent as well as received in MMS and see them from the personal account in the control panel.

Call Tracking

The mobile phone tracker enables parents to record all the outgoing and incoming calls on the target phone. Parents can check out from their account numbers phone calls made to and from the target device.

It will show up the contact details stored in the device.

Track internet history

The app records the browsing history. Thus, it enables parents to track the pages visited, activity, if any performed on any webpage.

It tracks the web activity performed on the target phone or PC. (h3)

By checking the Internet history, you can know the time date of visiting the various sites as well as the page URLs. It is an important feature for parents because it helps resolve issues that may arise because of the use of the Internet.

Hoverwatch Viewer

Hoverwatch is among the best mobile phone tracker apps in the market today. Simple, economical, and easy to use the most important advantage of using this app is that it is invisible. Is you can keep the app installed on the target device without the knowledge of the user.

By keeping the app hidden will bring the most optimal results without any bias are without any favor.

The app records call history and audio SMS, location of the device, camera, activity on Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, activity on the Internet, contacts, and to-do list.

What do you need to know when installing the application on the phone?

To install Lahore watch app on your smartphone, you need to follow these steps. It is simple and easy to execute them.

1. Make the target phone ready

  • To prevent Android questions related to the monitoring program
  • Go to Play Store > Tap menu > Choose play protect > Tap settings
  • Disable scan feature for security threats and make harmful app detections better.

2. To enable downloading, go to browser turn on ‘secret mode’ if you so desire.

  • Type
  • Type your email and passwords and create an account on Hoverwatch.
  • If you are unable to find a device, click the Menu button, and click Add device.

3. Installing the app

  • Tap Download app link > App download > Tap open file tab settings and let the app be installed
  • Tap Install.
  • Choose the installation option and the tap ok you can choose how to hide our hide hovers icon according to your choice.
  • Activate your Hoverwatch account using login account and passwords.
  • Remember your pin to open application. Tap ok
  • Activate usage tracking > Tap yes – Find and tab sync service
  • Allow usage.
  • Deactivate Battery Optimization.
  • Chang ‘Not optimized’ to All apps.
  • Tap Back and go to Hoverwatch app.
  • Let the app capture screen.
  • Enable ‘Don’t show again.’
  • Tap ‘Start now.’
  • To activate the device administrator tab yes pattern in a new message and activate.

Will it be legal to use the Hoverwatch?

We’d make a note of caution for users on this matter. That’s is because it is not legal to track phones without the knowledge of the target device user. If you are parents, employers, a spouse suspicious of their wife’s/husband’s activity, a professional, you must be aware of the various implications of using such apps. You should exercise extreme caution.

The law does not permit employers to track their employees’ phones without proper authorization by law. Therefore, it is sensible to discuss the matter with your legal experts and follow their advice.

Will it be legal to use the Hoverwatch?

Parents are vested with the responsibility of taking care of kids activity. It’s their duty to make sure that they’re protected. However, it is essential to note that if you are tracking your teen kid’s smartphone, it is better to speak to them the various aspects. Explain to them why it is essential to be on track for kids and the multiple dangers involved in cyber activity.

Other groups (spouses, professionals) should take a reasonable amount of caution before they track the target device.

Support and pricing for the app

The support services include:

Installation guides, Removal instruction, ways to protect the application, and FAQs. To get guidance on installation, etc., go to HOVERWATCH VIEWER and read the topics.

There is no interactive support service like contact by phone. Hoverwatch offers three sorts of subscription, namely personal professional and business.


The Personal plan starts from $24.95 per month and can track a single device. All monitoring functions are offered.

The Professional plan starts from $9.99 for one month for one device. It can track up to five devices. For three months, the price is $99.95.

The Business plan can track up to 25 devices and price at $149.95 for one month and $299.95 for three months.

Conclusions and results

Hoverwatch is among the top quality mobile phone tracker apps. It is effortless and easy to use. The only issue is that you should have the target phone physically to get the app installed. You cannot do it remotely. Parents can use this app to protect children from cybercriminals. Similarly, employers and other groups can also use it. However, make sure you don’t infringe laws concerning privacy using such a mobile phone tracker.


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