Review : Official Wikipedia App for Android

Looks like Wikipedia was already ready for SOPA with finally its mobile app for Android making its appearance in the marketplace few days back but only noticed by few of its fan so even when it was all blackout today, All mobile fans had its access to the website using the mobile apps.

Official Wikipedia for AndroidSo finally available for Android, the app is pretty similar to iPhone version which comes with a some awesome set of must have wikipedian feature like you can  Save article to read later or offline,  Search articles nearby,  You can share via Email, Facebook etc which uses the Android’s default share action, switch languages instantly.

A search bar on top makes it easy to find articles and supports full screen mode making it easy for you to find things. Also the app also supports History and option to change font size making it easy to read text.

Drawbacks :

  • There is no support to move between sections of pages and since scroll bar is also missing you will never know what is the length of the article.
  • There is an option to select text for copying paragraphs from the posts but I find it almost not working where selecting the mode or even double tapping resulted in nothing.
  • The nearby search result is limited to 4 to 5 which changes when you search again. This should improve in terms of count.
  • Lacks Its integration with  Google search app/widget which is supported by popular third part apps like Wapedia.
  • A small Bug in Saved Pages section will make you off because it appears blank when you are offline and sometimes you dont even get option to save pages.
  • All the links open right inside here which makes sense but if you want to open in browser you don’t have an option yet.
  • Seems like GPS stays on even when you exit the app so make sure you force kill it untill an update rolls in.

Download from Marketplace | Via Redmondpie


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