Delete empty folders with Remove Empty Directory

Empty folders are common for many windows users, and there is no particular reason for that. Sometimes the folder refuses to delete because there is some system file in it, or sometimes it is so much into the folders that you cannot find. For me, the most common reason is when I convert images i delete few and keep some, and repeating this results in a lot of empty directories. In this post, we will show how you can use the RED or Remove Empty Directory to find and delete empty folders in Windows 10.

Search Empty Folders

Right-click to find & delete empty folders with Remove Empty Directory

Now my question to you is, Why do users do not like Empty Folders? They don’t take up any space on your hard drive. The problem is when you have a lot of empty folders along with folders that are not empty; you tend to waste time checking the empty one also, assuming there is something in it that You do not remember.

Today we will discuss free software, Remove Empty Directory, which makes this task easier for you. The best part of this software is that it integrates with the context menu, i.e. right-click on any folder to find if there is an empty folder. Below is a video demo (42 seconds), and then we will talk about the features in detail.

Features of Remove Empty Directory

It not only finds empty folders but also tells you why the folder cannot be deleted. The possible reasons are represented by icons which means

  • The folder is locked.
  • There is a hidden folder, useful when you hide essential stuff and forget.
  • The folder is protected.
  • If the folder contains trash.

Delete empty folders with Remove Empty Directory

  • Find complete log of deleted folders
  • Choose to move it to the recycle bin directly or only warn you about it
  • Add folders and files which should not be included in the Empty Folder search
  • Protect and lock folders to skip some folders in the search result

How to use the software?

It makes sure that you will not end up deleting system folders, or anything important could be of use at a later point. Once you install the software, launch it from the start menu. There are three tabs

1] Search: Select the drive or folder you want to scan, and then click on Scan folders. It will take a bit of time, but the results will start appearing as it scans.

2] Search Result: The best way to figure out which one you can delete is to look at its icon. If its simple blue and says EMPTY, then you can delete them.

3] Settings: Here, you can ignore the file and folder list. It will make sure to ignore them while searching. To integrate into the right-click menu, make sure to launch the software with admin, and then click on the integrated button to add it to right-click.

We hope it was easy to use, understand, and useful. You can download this software from here.


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