Right to close : Fastest way to close Firefox Tabs when you have hudreds open

I have a couple of friends who say they have hundreds of tabs open all the time using Firefox Well that’s too much but if you are one those people, Closing them is a big job. Today I found a Firefox add-on which makes closing very easy. This add-on is Right to close and like its name you can right-click and then double-click anywhere on the open tab to close it.

This completely frees you from accidentally closing the other tabs whose close buttons are too close. As a matter of fact Firefox doesn’t display the close button when you have too many tabs. You need to select the tab head and then get the close icon. In this situation this can be boon for you.

Right to Close Firefox Add-on

This add-on also answers the last tab closing issue where the browser closes down. Now if you don’t want that you can configure this add-on to open a blank tab when you close the last tab.

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