RoboKill Rescue Titan Prime for iPad : Review

RoboKill turned out to be the first paid app which I bought on iTunes at a discounted price of 0.99$ and I am in absolutely love with this game.  Before I start with more details, RoboKill is an old classic flash-based game originally developed by Rock Solid Arcade and ported to iPad ( no flash here ) by Wandake

RoboKill Rescue Titan Prime Poster

What is this game about ?

If you had already played the classic version you must be knowing it but for who don’t this game is a rescue mission in space for one of the spaceship named Titan Prime. You yourself are a robot who kills other alien robots to rescue people on board for example.

What makes it so special on iPad ?

Instead of using combination of Keyboard and Mouse, playing on iPad was much easier. Yes I did try the flash game also so I know it. the firing control and direction control are set on bottom left and right which is exactly the place where you hold your iPad. The controls are more like trackballs and very close to joystick experience.

Robokill Level 29

How many Missions Levels?

There are 13 but each mission  has number of rooms or levels which you need to pass though. So if you do the maths there are 450+ levels that you can play in and collect cash, weapons and experience.

Tips for playing Robokill

  • Each Level has multiple jobs that you need to finish and each job needs different kind of experience levels. While completing a job need not to cover all the rooms and that way you can finish every level faster. But if you cover all the rooms one by one you increase your chances of finding more weapons, huge amount of cash and hence you can buy advanced weaponry for next level to cross easily.
  • If you stay at one place and shoot you will be dead sooner than you can think. Constant movement and firing is essential.
  • Stay off the edges : This game has lot of bridges and if you fall you will not only pay fine with certain amount of cash but also lose some already won rooms to alien robots. So you better control the movement correctly.
  • Teleport : This is an essential skill which I came to knew about today morning. You can move to any room by selecting it from the Map. This will be useful when you want to shop else you will get tired of going room by room which I did a lot. I am on the 30th level and you can imagine.
  • Art if Buying and Selling : Any weapon which you had collected while covering each level can be sold but at very low-cost. This means you cannot miss collecting cash and then combine with amount of money you get from sales to buy new.
  • Buying the Right weapon : There are lot of weapons and upgrades which you can buy. My favorite is Rite Shield and Shield Charge which gives me more time to fight. There are two more upgrades you should try, the cash sensor and rare weapon sensor which aids in finding new weapons.  Also make sure you that you multiply the firing rate and damage before buying to compare with your existing weapons. There are levels where I used a lower end weapons to win because of high firing rates.
  • Cheat Codes : I did not find any yet. I know there are some for flash-based Robokill but they seem not to be working for iPad. Also I am looking forward for some secret doors which lets me pass through many doors. If you know do drop in a comment.

My Thoughts about the game :

This game can keep you busy for months if you are into arcade type games specially one which involves a lot of different type of weapons, maps, skill levels and strategy.It is not just a shooting game but needs a combination of idea, luck and how you combat your enemy robots. The graphics are very clean and music keeps you up when shooting. So that might drain the iPad battery a bit but switch to Air Plane mode while playing. The game lets you create multiple profile which is great of you feel you are reaching a dead-end and it will take time to complete all of them. Below are the snapshot of the games for you to enjoy. Download it from iTunes. | Thanks LiewCF for recommending this game.


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