Run Dos / 16-bit program in separate memory space

If you still have programs which are 16 bit or any DOS program like Good old dos games which you want to run in Windows without getting into much of trouble there is a an option you can configure from the Group Policy Editor.

Run dialog box with 16bit application support
Run dialog box with 16bit application support

This settings adds a check box to the Run dialog box, giving users the option of running a 16-bit program in its own dedicated NTVDM process. The additional check box is enabled only when a user enters a 16-bit program in the Run dialog box.

It says :

All DOS and 16-bit programs run on Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP Professional in the Windows Virtual DOS Machine program. VDM simulates a 16-bit environment, complete with the DLLs required by 16-bit programs. By default, all 16-bit programs run as threads in a single, shared VDM process. As such, they share the memory space allocated to the VDM process and cannot run simultaneously

Run in Separate memory space
Run in Separate memory space

To enable this :

  • Type in Group Policy Editor in Start Menu Search
  • Click on Group Policy Editor
  • Navigate to  User Settings > All Settings and look for “Add Run in “, Enable it.
  • Press Win + R and you will see the check box right there.


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