Run Vista Aero glass effects in Windows XP

Fast Aero allows you to get aero glass effects in windows XP which is available in Windows Vista. And the best part is you just need to run it instead of installing like themes. Basically this program simulates the Windows Vista Aero effects like transparent borders, making your windows backgroud translucent, thus giving your a close look of aero effect on your Windows Xp machine.

Fast Aero on Windows Xp
Fast Aero on Windows Xp

The language set is for Polish which you  can change to English when you run it for the first time. Download FastAero


  1. Liked the idea of this but found it impossible to use. There are only four selections available and after trying every combination I could not get it to run let alone change the language in to english. I can only assume that the program doesn’t work.

  2. Great thanks for this. Heard of WinFlip and loved it and this time FastAero! Thanks for making me not feel sad about still having XP.

  3. FastAero website is down (URL taken over by a domain name squatter), looks like no further support for this application.


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