Run Windows XP mode without Hardware Virtualization

One of the major drawback of  PC which wanted to run Windows XP mode was to support Hardware Virtualization  which in many old computers wasn’t there.  This has disappointed many IT companies and users but now they have a good news. Micrsoft has released a patch for Windows Virtual PC which allows you to run Windows XP mode in Windows 7 Professional and up even if your computer doesnt support the virtualization.

However this is only to support XP mode and not that the whole system would support Virtualization or you can use any application with Windows Virtual PC which needsVirtualization  as they said on the Official Post

Download Link :

Windows Xp Mode in Windows 7
Windows Xp Mode in Windows 7


  1. Thanks for the useful post.

    Would like to know if there are any credible freeware virtualization SW available for creating multiple Red Hat Linux virtual machines on a single physical machine.

    We have used VMWare with some success but its enterprise version is licensed and expensive.

    We are also trying CentOS which perhaps provides its own virtualization environment.

    Please suggest.

  2. @Anoop : This is what I got from an Industry expert

    Virtualization domain is being ruled by VMware. There are other options but all are licensed. You may want to take a look at this – – I will not recommend this for professional use though.


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