RunasDate lets you launch apps with any date [ Windows ]

Most of the time when you start using a trail version of  any application which can be a game or software, the time limitation does not allow you evaluate it complete so you can go and buy a full version. Though time limitations are there for a reason but if you really want to try it out by extending the trail period for sometime, RunAsDate Software from Nirsoft as a very handy utility.

RunAsDate launches programs with a predefined date which you can set. This means any program which has stopped working can start working again. This also gives option to pass any extra parameter you had been passing to that particular app and then create a shortcut on the desktop for you. This way you don’t need to set date every time. You can run as many applications you want with this and each with different set of time.

Launch Program with different date

Now in case you are a developer who does not want his apps to be used by this tool, you can test how the app works with your software when time is injected. This way you can find out how you can handle this situation.

How does this work ?

Any application that starts on Windows, takes date and time details from Windows Kernel using some API, call them talking gates. Now when you launch the program using RunAsdate, it hijacks that door and injects your time to the application.

The Immediate mode :

This feature injects the time as soon as the program loads in. You need to only use it when a program does not work without it. As the developer mention for some programs the app crashes.

Time Forward :

Since it injects time, it should also keep the clock clicking and hence this option. In case if the application is smart programmed to check in between and it finds the time is flawed, it can cause issues.

Command line Support : 

In case you want to use this app to integrated with any of your application where you need to pickup custom time, you can use this tool from command line also.

RunAsDate.exe {/immediate} {/movetime} [dd\mm\yyyy] {hh:mm:ss} [Program to run] {Program parameters}

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