Running Traceroute command online ( tracert )

Tracroute ( tracert ) is command line tool which allows you to find how the packets or the ping you send from your computer to another hop and how much time do they take. Why do we do this ? Sometimes you might find you site loading slow and you start thinking that the your HOST has some problems. In fact that’s not the case many a time but its could be the network in between. We talked about this on our topic 10 information you need to gather before mailing your host

tracert” is a network command which can be executed on windows dos prompt as TRACERT SITENAME . This returns a trace of route from your current network to the site and shows how much time it took. If you see there is more time taken from one hop to another You will know where the problem is.

Ok so now you what you need it for lets get to know what this Online Tracerote I am talking about. This tool is basically the same thing what you do from windows but now instead of that it works as an online service ( Called as Just-Traceroute ) which is very helpful just in case if your network has some problem and you can not use tracreoute command.

Another advantage you get is you can run it from 4 different locations ( Netherlands US, Singapore and Australia. ) to get more accurate result.


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