Schedule to turn off / on Windows to Download Files and Save Power

Considering a regular windows user who likes to keep his windows turned on even during the night so that he can download software, movies in free hours,  computer stays turned on for a long time even when the file download is complete, but since the computer is left unattended, a lot of power i.e. electricity is wasted.

For example, if the free data usage is between 2am to 6 am, the computer has to be kept turned on all the time, and if somebody is using torrent, he can  schedule it to start download at any particular time does the job for him. Another situation is downloading Windows Update, which many prefer, during night.

Automate your power management

Introducing SetPower, which wants to  save your money by scheduling your computer when to go into sleep mode and when to get back to normal mode and let your programs do the job for you. This also supports if your laptop might just start running in battery mode in case of power shutdown.

Add Scheduled Plan Power Management

What you can do :

  • Create Plan for each day.
  • Decide when to turn off your hard disk, monitor etc.
  • Lock your computer to keep unwanted guests.
  • You can also use the inbuilt wizard to create a typical plan for you.
  • Plans are based on the type of battery profile you have for your laptop.
  • Option to lock the computer when it resumes back from sleep. This make sure that nobody else can access your data on your computer. Just make sure that you have it password protected.

Now it is possible that you will find that your computer is not going into sleep mode. Most of the time, its possibly, because of reasons when a movie is being played, a file is being accessed over the network or the hardware does not support the ACPI mode, which is used to send the computer to sleep.



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