Save and Open the tabs from last browsing session in Firefox & Chrome

Both Firefox and Chrome offer option to load the tabs and windows from your last browsing session, i.e. enabling this feature allows you to open all the tabs which were open in your browser before you closed. I love this feature, but if you don’t, because, enabling it means loading all the tabs again, which people don’t prefer much. Here is a Firefox and Chrome add-on which provides you functionality which can be seen as an intermediate level of enabling and disabling the ‘When Firefox starts: Show my Windows and Tabs from last time’.

Save and Open the tabs from last browsing session in Firefox & Chrome

The add-ons allow you to save all your open tabs in one place. There are two advantages. First is that it is under your control and you open it whenever you want. Second, the startup experience is not ruined. Elsewhen you have the inbuilt option open, it will slow down everything. Also, you never lose them.

Save Tabs(Firefox)

Save Tabs Firefox

Once you are sure that the opens tabs need to be saved, click on the icon, and it will close all the tabs, and save it automatically. Simply open toolbar popup UI and click on the – Close tabs – button on the top section (middle button).

In order to restore all closed tabs please click on the – Restore tabs – button on the top left corner in toolbar popup UI. Withing the list, you can change the order of the tabs. So when you open, it will open in the same way.

If you want to save multiple sets of tabs, I will recommend using Tab Session Manager for Firefox. It offers:

  • Save and restore windows and tabs
  • Manage sessions with name and tags
  • Autosave when the window is closed
  • Autosave at regular intervals
  • Import and export sessions

Session Manager(Chrome)

  • Save open tabs and restore them later.
  • Manage open windows and tabs in one place.
  • Organize saved tabs by topic which is great for research.
  • Search open and saved tabs to quickly find what you’re looking for.
  • Export tabs in a variety of formats suitable for emails, documents, and posts.

It can also recover open tabs after a crash which is an inbuilt feature of Chrome. It is extremely useful when you want to save multiple sets of tabs.

Download from here

While you can always bookmark all the tabs, it will clutter the bookmarks section. You will have to make sure you keep them in a separate folder. These add-ons are definitely a great way of opening the tabs from the last session.

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