Save priority for each program from Task Manager

Task Manager in Windows allows you to set priority of running application. This helps when you want to control on which should finish of the job first and what should be next. However Windows Task Manager is not built to remember it ( Possibly because things are dynamic ) but with Process Priority Saver you can.

Priority Saver
Priority Saver

This application adds an extra menu item just at the end of the menu where you set priority of the running application. So next time you launch the same application it sets it automatically for you. I would recommend you using this only if you are pretty sure how this affects your current working context because a user does a lot of thing and most of them are random.

However if you are working on a machine which is dedicated for few high-end applications which are required to be prioritized this is a boon and that’s why if you are using this for corporate use, you should get a license for it. Download it from here Via CyberNetNews

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