Save / Upload Online Files Directly to Dropbox

URL Droplet is a simple online service which allows you to save any online file like Images, PDF directly to your Dropbox files and the best part is that you need not to wait for the process to complete. This is as good as scheduling file downloads specially when you do not have time and need to shutdown your computer.

How URL Droplet Works :

  • First it needs access to your Dropbox Account. This is done using oAuth
  • Next step is to copy the URL of the file and paste it into the text box at
  • If you wish to give it a name which will help you recognize the file later, use the Save As Link else hit the save button. When you choose the Save As link, you get option to provide a file name.
  • This is then scheduled for download on their server and transferred to your account when it is ready.

URL Droplet

The Advantage :

  • Saves a lot of bandwidth. If you do not use this, you will have to first download on your computer and then upload it to your Dropbox account.
  • Uses oAuth which means it will never ask nor store your password.

Video Demo :

Direct link

When URL Droplet will fail ?

  • In case you have removed access of this application to your Dropbox account. This can be checked under Account >My Apps. Check if it is listed.
  • I am not sure but there is limit on the file size as of now but I assume in case you did try to send large file it might just not work.
  • Also make sure you have enough space in your Dropbox Account.
  • Another place where I have seen this failing is it takes time for them to know if the authorization was removed and added back. In the video you can see that file status was displayed as failed though it came out nicely at the end.

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  1. The entire concept of saving and uploading files into a cloud computing network is what sacrifices user security. No business or person should save personal data into a cloud network that has the possibility of getting hacked into. You need to use software that streams (I’m using HomePipe) content to mobile devices and remote computers when needed, and then disconnects when no longer needed. This way no private content is copied and saved anywhere other than it’s original source. Secure access is extremely important!


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