Saving Electricity Consumption of your PC and Desktop : Granola

Many of us now have multiple desktop and laptops in our home and small business can even have 20 to 50 machines running all the time. Known fact that every machine costs us a bit being constantly running all day and sometimes you need to have it turned on for downloads.

Now what happens in usual case is your machine even though optimized by using Power State, consume extra energy all the time and this is where Granola comes in.  This company provides software which uses proprietary algorithms using dynamic voltage and frequency scaling (DVFS) technology to manage power consumption by processors to bring down the power consumption.

This infact is pretty dynamic so if you switch from Web Surfing to a 3D game, it can scale and change accordingly with you giving any permission to set up any settings. A perfect seamless software.

On one hand it means saving lot of money for desktop, for laptops this will result in longer battery life so you can have those extra time of work where you frowned.

Granola App for Windows

How to use Granola :

There is no learning edge except you need to install this application on your computer which you can download from here. It works over Windows, Servers  and Linux. Once installed you would get to see how much :

  • Energy you are saving in kWH
  • Money you are saving in euro, usd  or GBP.
  • How much CO2 Emission you had saved
  • and percentage of CPU energy.

Now the good part is Granola just doesn’t  stop here but takes to another level where you can connect all these laptops and desktops and watch all the details on a web based dashboard. Till here Granola is free for home users and a company which uses very few machines.

Enterprise and Small Business

The next version of granola or call it the premium version allows you do lot more stuff if you are ready to pay. The dashboard is enhanced to group your machines and create power policies for them e.g. Shutting down monitors in case they are left turned on accidentally. You can have the report generated from this if you need to give details to your management to show them how much you had saved  which is encrypted over SSL so you dont have to worry much from security point of view.


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