Schedule to auto send SMS wishes [Free Android App]

We often miss to wish our loved one on Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries, and other such special days. This generally happens due to the busy schedules. How about an arrangement where you can schedule a SMS in advance, so that it is sent automatically on the special day? Sounds great, isn’t it?

SMS Wishes is a free app for Android Devices, using which you can easily schedule a SMS to be sent at a specific time and date. It has a damn simple user interface, doesn’t need any explanation in order to start using it.

Schedule and auto send SMS wishes with free Android app

There is also an option, which can be reached via the menu buttons under the ‘Settings’, where you can select to which numbers of the particular contact will the SMS be sent.

SMS Wishes free android app to send scheduled SMS wishes settings

Schedule and Send free SMS wishes choose the numbers

SMS Wishes is a great app in my opinion, and sounds like a boon for the people who keep forgetting to wish their loved ones on their special days.

To download and install SMS Wishes from the Android Market, search for ‘SMS Wishes’.


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