Screensaver to display text from file : Coders will love it

Many of us when start using computer are explained how to change screensaver too. I had played with this option a lot like displaying the 3D text and so on but it has always one feature missing, displaying text on screensaver which I had stored in a file which could be my project report or even my code ( This sounds like matrix!! ).

Code Saver is a screen saver application which pulls text from a file and if you are coder you can even use your code files to get displayed here and if somebody sees your screen for an instance he would see codes and not be able to differentiate. This screensaver has also a mock compilation option which will auto type compilation step as below :

It takes files from a folder so you can have your entire project added here and make your screensaver look even more geeky and if there are certain files which should not be used you can filter it by extension or exact file name.

Once you install this,  go to windows screensaver option and you will see it listed as one of the options. Download CodeSaver


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