Video : Hand Draw Expressions = Scribbles on Gmail for Mobile / iOS

Gmail has just rolled in a tool which lets you draw your thought when you are creating a new email and it works specifically over mobile version of Gmail or the iOS App ( which uses the Mobile version actually). This tool lets you hand draw anything you want, call it a paint if you want and when you are done is attached to the mail as an image.

So when you are on the mobile version of Gmail, Go to Compose Button and then look for a scribble sign which will be like a “rope” or curvy lines. When selected gives you option to draw using Pen, Spray with choice of 10 colours.  You can also choose from the basic three thickness of the line and if any moment you want to clean up your mess, an eraser comes handy or use the do undo buttons. Once done it will be automatically attached to the email.

Scribble Gmail


Scribble Gmail Tools

Video Demo :

Watch on YouTube

There are already some samples on Official Post they have also accepting anything creative you can create using this and if you want to get it featured, email them at [email protected] and share with everyone using the hashtag #GmailScribbles

Gmail Christmas Scribble


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