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Streaming media files from my computer to iPad has always been the best way to watch movies on my iPad, specially when running out of storage space but if you want to get even more lazy, X1 Mobile Search has just built an app for that.

X1 Mobile search app lets you search files on your computer (  PC or Mac ) over a secure connection which uses RSA and SSL encryption making sure nobody is able to see the data when you are downloading these files or making a search from your iPad or iPhone on your machine.

Features :

  • When you add a device it is done via a secure code, hence nobody else can connect to your computer.
  • You can search Files, Emails, Attachments. It supports Outlook, Lotus etc which means you can even send back a reply or forward right from here.
  • The search is done inside the files also which means even if they are zipped or inside a Word Document, you an find it.
  • You can mark a document favorite or store it on your iPad for offline viewing.
  • You can add any number of devices and give them permission to search on your computer. Just make sure the device is yours or it is trusted.
  • You can remove the devices any time from your client or from your iPad App.
Search PC on iPad
Drawback :
You have no control over what is getting indexed meaning if you have loads of file it will index all of them which might not be necessary in every case. I would love to have a option which lets me specify a folder or group of folders which I would like to get indexed.
How to install ?
  • First download the App from itunes 
  • Second download the client on your PC or Mac
  • Launch the app on your iPhone or iPad  and then launch the software on your computer.
  • A security code is displayed which you need to input in your iPad app followed by another code display on iPad which is displayed on your computer. If all are same your device is connected and is secured.
Video :

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