Search for lost Rapidshare files with iNeedFile

Many a times you loose the direct link of the rapid share files but you remember what was the file name or at least a part of it. More over since you know what was inside it you know with more accuracy what you want but what would you do without a link ? Nothing. You had lost it.

But  with iNeedFile you can search all the rapid share for the file links with all the information you have. We had talked about Rapidshare search engine before but this one beets it with more accurate search options. You can select the type of file along with the name.

Search For lost Rapid Share files
Search For lost Rapid Share files

Moreover it also allows you to take a look into the top 200 searches making things easier for you sometimes.


  1. Looks very much like the popular hope this thing is also not effected by “zango” like loadingvault is now, and also that rapidlibrary place.


    Cool, it doesnt have that Zango nonsense. now its as good as good ol’ loadingvault 😀


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