Search with Bing right from your desktop [Desktop Gadget]

I generally don’t use Bing, Google is my favorite whenever I want to make a search, but there are times when I want to search same thing with Bing as well. Here is a desktop gadget, which I liked for the reason that I don’t need to manually access the official Bing homepage, neither do I need to play with the default search engine option in my browser. It is a desktop gadget by Microsoft, named as ‘Bing Image of the Day’, and is free. This desktop widget shows the Bing Image of the day in background, and the search box, simply type anything in the search box, and hit enter to launch the search.

Free Bing Desktop Gadget

As soon as you hit the ‘enter’ key, the search in opened in the new tab of your default browser.

So, if you are a Bing fan, or you often use Bing as your second option for searches, this is a must have desktop gadget for you, go ahead and grab it now.

Download ‘Bing Image of the Day’ Desktop Gadget now.



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