Secret of Graphics in Windows Vista – Directx 10

Windows Vista had been loved due its excellent real time graphics.But have you ever thought what makes those graphics real ? Thanks to DirectX 10 which is making these ultra high real time graphics real.Before I dig into Directx 10.Lets get to know little about it.

Directx 10 Game simulation

What is Directx ?

Directx is the core which makes the games work.All the graphics designs which you even cant imagine in real time, is possible due to it.When Microsoft launched its operating system in 95 it was quite unfriendly due to internal restriction on hardware like audio device video cards and other peripherals.Thus directx made a set of api or functions that can be used in windows.The main advantage was taken by games which had much more freedom

How DX10 makes it so real ?

  1. In real world every point is unique.Even 2 points on your face is not similar.When Dx stared initially due to restriction on hardware and development part it was restricted on number of unique objects that can show in Scene.But with DX10 you can show hundreds of unique objects.This means if you have to show 100 flowers in a field you need not to create one and copy it to 100 but create 100 different one.That makes it more real.
  2. Displacement Mappings one more technique that makes Humans showing in most of the hi-fi video games so real.More details texture you have much real the image will look.DX10 has something called as geometry shaders.By adding more “triangles” in a particular point it makes them real.

Now think of those graphics u see on your vista’s desktop.Thats what DX10 making it happen

Comparison of DX 9.0 and DX 10

Lets take a look at the images below and You will need no words to say how much they differ:

Images rendered from dx9

Above: Image Generated By DX9

Images rendered from dx10

Above: Image Generated By DX10

Can directx 10 make my CPU slow and system crash ?

It can if you don’t have a separate Graphics card.The gae has gone when the cpu had to all the work.If you have a separate graphics card DX10 will transfer the load on to it while your cpu can still do other things like downloading email checking and browsing.

You can read these topics for DirectX 9L which is going to be DirectX10 for windows XP.I found it through google search DirectX 9.L will be a DirectX 10 for Windows XP. You should read about Windows Vista : 12 tips to increase your productivity

So what does all that mean ?

Over all as the end user you might be more concerned about your system performance.Thus u want to play hi-fi games without ur system crashing down or getting ur screen blank.Keeping this in mind the benefits of DX10 with Windows Vista you might be compelled to upgrade seeing these advantages, specially as a gamer u will.


  1. Only yesterday, I was searching for details on DX 10, as I was thinking to buy a graphics card to support my vista. Looks like ATI is coming up with some graphics card for DX 10 in the second quarter of this year. So, I have to wait….

  2. @Edwin: I think there should be a soon update for XBOX.For gaming console i don’t think Microsoft will make any compromise.

    @Madhur: Wait for vista to stabilize, then buy the right hardware.Its too early for it.

  3. Yes absolutely directx 10 is meant for gaming performance, But what i see is some games tend to be slow in windows vista thant windows xp.

  4. Dude, do us a favor and DON’T blog about things you don’t understand. That was an extremely lax way of describing DX10 and was, in large part, erroneous. There are few things that you can do with DX10 that you can’t with DX9; the former just makes it easier and feasible for a GPU to process. DX10 is specifically programmed to take advantage of advanced hardware functions in your graphics card so your processor doesn’t have to do all the grunt work.

    In point one you are basically outlining the difference between procedural and explicit geometry/texturing–which is available in both versions of DX. Do some research on realtime SSS, HDR, AA, and Anisotropic filtering if you want to find out why DX10’s implementation is going to be so much better!

  5. I have Core 2 Duo 2.33 GHz PC with 2 gb ddr 2 ram, Nvidia 8600GT 256 mb card, is this card Dx10 enabled or supports such games??? Confused !!!

  6. Jones, it has nothing of the sort. It’s more of a hybrid between the two but is neither classified as one nor the other. The API was designed to take advantage of a single hardware set which makes it different than a unified instruction set made for cards of different manufacturers.

    Check out the Unreal Engine 3 tech demos if you think this is at all to the 360’s detriment.

    If you’re using this as an argument as to why the PS3 is better, stop right there–we already know that the PS3’s graphics capabilities are inferior. You say too bad the XB360 has DX9?? I say too bad the PS3 DOESN’T!

  7. I have Phenom X3 2.1 GHz PC with M3N 78 VM, 2 gb ddr 2 ram, Nvidia 8500GT 512 mb card, is this card Dx10 enabled or supports and ya is this system good for gaming???????????

  8. U are using 2 different images to show the difference and does any one paid u to promote diretX 10 cause thats wat u seem 2 b doing. No doubt its gud but not gr8

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