VMS – Secure and track your lost mobile handset and cell phones

We often come across mails from friends or relatives, hitting our Inbox, demanding for our contact number, as their cell phone, or mobile handset , smart phone has been stolen or lost, and our contact details too flew off with that handset. In-fact this friend or relative could be you, who lost his cell phone and you can not do anything to trace it back.

It seems that now an elixir for such situations has arrived. VMS is a product of Innova Technologies. VMS stands for “Virtual Mobile Security”.VMS

Features of VMS

  • VMS allows user to get notified for any calls (incoming or outgoing), messages (sent or received), any changes made in phonebook, after the theft of cell-phone, smart phones
  • User also comes to know about the new SIM number, at the registered number, which has been inserted in handset after the theft.
  • User can spy the thief, by making call to new inserted SIM, and hearing the conversation of thief, without the knowledge of thief.
  • Siren alarm can be raised in lost cell-phone, in order to let people in vicinity of lost cell-phone know about the phone theft.
  • Either a particular name from phonebook or the whole phonebook can be retrieved remotely by the owner of cell-phone.
  • Cell-phone can be locked, in order to prevent the misuse of data.
  • Compatible Handsets : N72,N70,N90,6682,6681,6680,3230,6670,6630,6260,7610,6620,6600, N-Gage etc.

How Virtual Mobile Security Works

#1 Choosing a Password and Hot key

After the installation of VMS, it automatically asks for user defined password, after this hot key is to be defined, hot key also works as a shortcut to open VMS.

Installing virtual mobile security


#2 Registration

Now VMS Registration is to be done, a 14-digit key is to be used for registration.

Registering virtual mobile security


#3 Define Registered Number

Registered number, it is the mobile number, on which user will get the details of his lost or stolen cell-phone, here user can use any mobile number, e.g. number of his/her spouse, friend etc.

Adding mobile in vrtual mobile security


#4 Settings

Now, scrolling further, user comes to settings menu, here different sub-menus can be customized.

Virtual mobile security settings


#5 Attacks

This allows user, to customize the working of VMS in attack mode, i.e. when VMS finds that cell-phone has been stolen or lost or misplaced, auto answer call, SMS to registered mobile, raising siren alarm etc. are the sub-menus here. In the same way further menus can be scrolled and customized.

Attacking the mobile with VMS

VMS is expected to launch soon, you can fill ticket , in order to get the details of launch. Yet I did not get any information on site , but according to the show “Cell-Guru” on NDTV, VMS has already launched in Chennai (India).

Have Your Say

Would you be interested in a service like this. As many of use do tend to loose our cell phones with all important data , what would be your thought and comments on this. Do share it with us

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  1. Hi,

    I have a new Motorola q9h and want to get either freeware of software that will protect me in the event of a theft.

    What is out there?


  2. hey i read about a new website community service started for those who lost your mobiles. it is http://www.lostmymobile.com . it says we can give particulars about the lost mobile and there are chances we might get our mobile phone back…thought i would share it with you

  3. Hii
    I have lost my samsung mobile E1410 3 days later.I want to know where it is now i.e its location. I ve its imei no. with me.Please help me n give me some suggestion.
    thank U

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