How to Zoom Facebook Photos to View Full Image

We all scroll through hundreds of photographs on the web each day. These photos are always smaller to fit the web page’s interface and keep the experience smooth, but what if you wish to preview an image in its full size and enlarged form? You will have to go through multiple steps and leave the tab for that image. But what if we told you there is an easier way to do this? Yes, you can Facebook photo zoom by hovering the mouse pointer over thumbnails in Chrome, Edge, or Firefox.

Enlarge Photos by Hovering Mouse Pointer on Thumbnails

How to Zoom Facebook Photos to View Full Image

In this section, we will learn about a few browser extensions that allow you to enlarge photos by simply hovering the mouse pointer over them.

  1. Hover Zoom+ For Chrome And Edge
  2. Photoshow for Firefox

Let’s learn about these extensions in more detail including photo zoom for Facebook on Chrome.

1] Hover Zoom+ For Chrome And Edge

Hover Zoom+ Chrome and Edge ExtensionHover Zoom+ For Chrome and Edge is a Facebook photo enlarger browser extension that once installed, allows you to just hover your mouse pointer over images and preview them in their full size. The extension works on most websites and displays a full image preview in seconds. You can pin the extension upon installation. The extension supports most websites out there. If there is a website that the extension supports, it will turn blue upon visiting it. If not, it stays gray.


  • Hover the mouse pointer to preview an image in full size.
  • AI-generated a description of the image.
  • Fast loading
  • Works on most websites
  • Extension support indicator
  • Works on popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and X (formerly Twitter)

Hoverzoom+ Broswer Extension For Chrome And Edge


  • Fast loading of image preview
  • Works on most website
  • Ai-generate image description
  • It can enlarge facebook profile picture


  • Lags scrolling on some sites
  • Slow image preview on slower internet connections

Download Hover Zoom+

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2] Photoshow for Firefox

Photoshow Firefox Browser ExtensionPhotoshow for Firefox is a browser extension with similar functionality. Once the extension is installed on your web browser, you can hover your mouse pointer on an image from any supported site, and the extension will load a full-size preview of the image. It also lists the image dimension with each preview. The loading of the image is generally fast, but it depends a lot on the speed of your internet connection. The extension supports the most popular social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, and X(formerly Twitter).


  • Hover the mouse pointer over an image to preview it in full-size
  • Support for popular social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and X (formerly Twitter)
  • Shows image dimensions with the preview
  • Faster preview loading times
  • Adapts to most websites

Photoshow Firefox Extension


  • Shows image dimensions with a preview
  • Fast loading times
  • Works on most websites

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  • Preview can sometimes take up the whole screen.
  • No extension support indicator

Download Photoshow


In this article, we learned how to enlarge photos simply by hovering the mouse point over the Chrome, Edge, or Firefox thumbnail. Browser extensions can elevate the whole browsing experience and add previously missing functionality. We hope you found the article to be helpful.

How To Enlarge a Website In Chrome?

To zoom or enlarge a website in Chrome, press the Ctrl+Plus keys on your keyboard. This will enlarge the website or zoom it by a certain percentage. You can keep pressing it to enlarge the website even further. To zoom out, press the Ctrl+Minus keys on your keyboard. Alternatively, you can use the Zoom option from the triple dot menu in the top right corner.

Is It Safe To Install A Browser Extension Without Chrome Or Firefox Web Store?

It is not safe to install a browser extension without Chrome or Firefox webstore. Extensions can read, modify, and transfer data from your browser and web pages. If you install a third-party extension manually, without using the Chrome or Firefox webstore, ensure it comes from a trusted source.


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