Zoom or Enlarge Facebook photos simply by hovering mouse pointer on thumbnails

Whenever we see a photo thumbnail on Facebook; we have to click on it to view the full-size photo. How about an arrangement to see the actual size photo, just by taking the mouse pointer over the thumbnail. It’s is a great way to see the images without leaving the current page. So here is a nifty Firefox add-on / Chrome extension for the Facebook users.

Hover the mouse pointer over Facebook photo thumbnails to see the photos

Zoom Facebook photos simply by hovering the mouse pointer on thumbnails

Photo Zoom for Facebook (Chrome extension) and PhotoShow (Firefox add-on) allow you to see original images of a thumbnail on Facebook.

Install it, and now whenever you visit your Facebook account, no need to click on the thumbnails. This add-on will show you the full photo just by taking the mouse pointer over the thumbnail. It works for almost any type of photo thumbnails, let it be a profile picture or any other photo.

Photoshow works for all

Photoshow works on almost all the social networks and not just Facebook. You can use it on Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Quora, Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter, Wiki, YouTube, and many other websites of your daily use. You may also rotate or download them with hotkeys.

  • ← : Rotate image (counterclockwise, not applicable to “long images”)
  • → : Rotate image (clockwise, not applicable to “long images”)
  • ↑ : Scroll up the previewer (for “long images” only)
  • ↓ : Scroll down the previewer (for “long images” only)
  • Tab: Open high-definition image in new tab
  • S: Save high-definition image

You can also choose to turn on/off PhotShow for particular websites, and useShift/Ctrl/Alt key as a modifier key to trigger high-definition image displaying when mouse hovering on image thumbnails.

These are great add-ons to save you from mouse clicks. It’s also a time saver as in this way it takes almost no time to load and show the photo unlike clicking on the thumbnail and loading the picture before you can see it.

Download PhotoShow and Photo Zoom for Firefox

Try it out and tell us how you liked this add-on.


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