Send 440 Characters Bulk SMS for Free : SMS7

SMS 7 is an excellent sms sending service which allows you to send 440 characters SMS for free to anywhere in India and plus you can schedule when the SMS should be delivered i.e. Send future sms to a group of phone numbers ( Send Bulk SMS )

When I started looking at it I thought its just for sending sms but its more then that. Its a complete Send SMS management. It allows you to :

SMS Menu

  • Create a Phone Book with search and group support.
  • Add name with help of #Name# tag if the person is in your phone list
  • Schedule when the SMS should be delivered
  • Send Group SMS
  • Get delivery report
  • Scheduled SMS report

Create a Phone Book with search and group support.

After you are done with registring your phone number with them, the first step should be do create a phone list.   Click on Phone Book and you will get advanced menu which allows you to create and manage group names and add phone numbers to the group. This is important if you are looking forward to send bulk sms.

Phone book menu
Phone book menu

Once done with this now you can add new phone numbers either adding them one by one or you can also import from your excel workbook or notepad. If you are importing from excel, skip this screen and move to next menu of Phone book list where you get options of importing phone numbers.

Phone book new entry
Phone book new entry
Phone book list with search
Phone book list with search

All done and now you are ready to send SMS. Click on Send SMS menu and you will get an editor which allows you to select phone numbers from phone list or just add the number directly. When you move to your phone list from here you can add more the one phone number but one by one. There is no check boxes which allows you to add selected numbers directly.

Send SMS in future
Send SMS in future

At this point you can schedule your SMS for any particular date and type in a really long sms of more then 160 characters.

Now coming to the real story and your question on how this service works ” FREE” then its the same story we covered on list of site which allows you to send sms in India.

Out of 440 characters last 80 characters are used for advertisement. So eventually you get 360 which is almost size of more then 2 SMS. Worth it.

sms7 works on this simple principle that Every SMS posted by the user through is appended with an advertisement as footer. offers 440 long character length against 160 character sms offered by others. The last 80 characters are the AD space which could be a brand awareness tagline or value-for-money offer. Via Advertising page on SMS7.IN

This service is best of all we have found till now. It allows you to send bulk sms, phone book management, group management, scheduled delivery with reporting feature. With so many things I don’t mind that 80 characters being used for SMS.  Check out more at SMS7.IN

Make sure you keep track of the Free SMS Services which we  keep updating.


  1. I started using since about 15 days. Nice service but one thing is that since day one, I was never able to use the phone book.
    Secondly, it was twice down for full day, once even the domain expired. Today it is down for the third time and all I can see if I go to is:
    “This web site has just been created from DotNetPanel and it is still under construction.
    The web site is hosted by AcmeHosting.”

    Very strange … and I sent an email to support which I never got a reply for. Good sms service if it the site is up, but as someone said, I receive too many broken messages and not all of them are resent.


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