Send a message to any car driver across the world

Often we come across cars with something which is mentionable; this could be anything like rash driving, or some other weird stuff, so using this service EMAILACAR allows you to leave a message to the car driver/owner based on the number / registration plate.

This is how the EMAILACAR describes itself-

“ lets you leave a public anonymous message for ANY road user in the WORLD using their car number / registration plate.”

There is a simple interface using which you can leave a message.

Though leaving a message here doesn’t come with any guarantee that your message will be delivered to the one whom u sent it, because a person needs to visit EMAILACAR and needs to check the messages for his car’s registration number, well but at least you have a platform which can help you outburst.

Now, let’s have a look at the other side of this service, you can check for any messages for you on this platform by entering your car’s registration number. Now if you think the message is inappropriate in any sense, you can flag it for removal.

The registration number of any car is unique, so you can leave a message for any car across the world on this service.

So go ahead and leave a message for the driver whom you wanted to say something but you couldn’t do in person, and don’t forget to check if any messages are waiting for you on EMAILACAR.



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