Send cheaper and greener snail mail

Even though E-mails have made Snail mail almost vanish but the feeling of touch and closeness still reflects when somebody gets a snail mail but when you need to send it across the world that comes with a price.

Snailmailr is one service which is combining Online and snail mail together so you dont have to spend too much and receiver still gets the paper touch feeling and top it uses the greener way to do it.

To send a paper mail online all you need to is head to SnailMailr ( Via Makeuseof ) and type in your feelings, add your moments in form of picture ( Yes you can upload ) and then type in the address to send it in 1$ max. Yes you read it right.

Now if you are wondering how do they afford it ? Its simple they use recycled paper, envelope for printing and that saves a lot of money even though there is no compromise in the quality of the paper mail. They use quality recycled paper and offsets emissions with carbon credits. You can find more details on the about page further


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