Send Designer E-cards for free

We all hunt for some nice non-traditional e-Greeting cards at several occasions; moreover this is probably the easiest and best method to show your love and to say that you care.

There are several online services which can be used to send e-cards, but I recently found this service, Pig Spigot, the cards on this site are created by the users, and they are pretty different as compared to traditional e-cards.

free designer e cards
Free Designer egreetings card

You might not find any musical or animated cards but the cards here are really quite different which gives them a designer look, here you will get all the general categories and each category has several subcategories as well.

send free designer ecards pig spigot category

Sending an e-card is free, however if you are ready to pay, you can opt to send a printed card as well. Pig Spigot also allows you to create your own cards and let the world see you creativity. Give it a try and see if you too feel it different and unique experience as I did. Try Pig Spigot


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