Send interactive messages in Bubbly Google logo style

Remember the Google logo on Google UK page a couple of days ago? Google was written using bouncing balls, which hated the mouse cursor, and scattered if the mouse cursor was moved to it.

Here is an online tool, named as Dotty-dots, which can be used to create same type of messages, you can enter a message and hit enter to get the message in same style as that of Google logo. Later you can share this message with anyone using the URL.

Have a look at it below.

Send Bubbly messages in Bouncing ball style

So whenever you want to send such a message, which has the bubble bouncing ball effect, and which hates the mouse cursor, go ahead and make a message, and share the URL to send this message to anyone.

Try Dotty-Dots. | Here are some other ways to send messages in very different style, like animated messages and singing messages.


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