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Large file transfers have always been a issue for many of us, we do have services like Dropbox, which can be termed as ‘perfect file sharing solutions’, but these kind of services generally demand accounts of both the sender and receiver for the service, but there might be situations, when you need to send a file immediately to someone, and he doesn’t have an account on the service you prefer to send files, in such cases, Try Streamfile.

Stream File : Sending large files to multiple people

Stream File : Sending large files to multiple people

Streamfile is an awesome service to send files. You simply need to browse and upload the file, and specify the e-mail address of the recipient, providing your identity is optional. A link which contains this uploaded file is delivered to the mailbox of the recipient, and then he/she can download the file within 24 hours, because after this span the link is no longer valid.

As the image here shows the upload button is named as ‘STREAM YOUR FILE’, the idea behind this is, while the uploading from the sender is in process, the recipient can start the download, (i.e. download can be started before the upload ends fully) this makes sending your file in a streaming fashion.

Features of StreamFile

  • Files up to 2 GB size can be sent
  • Providing the identity of sender is optional
  • Recipient doesn’t have to wait for the upload completion. As soon as upload starts, the recipient is provided the link, to start download in his mailbox.
  • All of our file transfers have the option to be encrypted with high-grade AES 256-bit SSL encryption.
  • Download link for the recipient is valid for 24 hours.
  • Service is totally free

My Experience with Streamfile

  • Very simple and easy to use interface.
  • Download link appears immediately in the recipient’s mailbox.
  • Service is pretty fast.

I find the whole idea very interesting, might be very helpful at times. Do you know about any other such service? Please share with us, and share your experience with Streamfile.

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