Send Multiple Documents from Windows to Kindle Devices

If you are a windows guy reading books and Kindle and have always found it tedious to send a document on your computer to your Kindle device, Amazon has released software, Send to Kindle for PC,  just to make you smile. Mac Users will have to wait a bit.

You will have to download this application from here, and once installed on your computer, you will need to sign in with your Kindle Account.

The software integrates with the right-click menu, so if you have a document to send to your Kindle, you only have to right-click and choose to Send to Kindle. You can also send multiple documents using the same method.

Send to Kindle

The next interesting point is it registers a Kindle Printer linked to your account, So if software allows you to print, you can directly print to your device and it will be there in no time but they will be converted into PDF format. However you dont have any print options right here to change anything basic.

Now when you select Send to Kindle, It opens up the software where you can

  • Edit document name and author,
  •  Send it over WiFi or using Whispernet where you might  be charged
  • Select which Kindle device you want to send across
  • Option to Archive in your Kindle Library
  • View Upload Size.

Send to Kindle Devices

On your kindle, you will need to download all archived personal documents from your Kindle Library to start reading those documents. In case you don’t find your device listed, it is possible that either you had added it like right now or you might have unregistered it. Check the list of devices under your account.


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