Send to Toys makes Windows Send-to lot powerful

Right click on any file or folder and use Send-to. This is one of the most powerful feature in Windows which I had used right from the time I started using it, specially when I needed to sort files. Though this is useful for many of us but there is no direct way you can manipulate it to work lot better ( which we always wish for ), such as if you want to copy file and move it to a folder instead of just copying it.

SendtoToys is one application which helps you in configuring it to increase your productivity. Here are the features in nutshell :

  • Add Folders, Application shortcut in the menu. So you can right click an image and open with any particular editor you want.
  • Allows you to copy, move or create shortcut any where.
  • Powerful clipboard support. Allows you to copy path names, file names and launch in the command prompt itself. How the file names are sent to the clipboard can be manipulated e.g. Use UNC format instead.
Sendto Toys

Sendto Toys

Though there is a hack to add desired folders into SendTo menu but with this software you dont need that. Download SendtoToys

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