Send to Toys can customize Windows Send To be a lot useful

Send To is one of the most underrated features in Windows. It allows you to send a file or a folder or another folder but is limited. We had always wished that that Send to can be improved, but until then, you can still use a third-party application. You can use it to quickly copy or move files to another folder, which accelerates the sorting of data. Today we are talking about the app —Send to Toys. It can customize Windows Send To be a lot useful and offers much more without involving you in the complex configuration.

Customize Send To Windows

Send to Toys can customize Windows Send To be a lot useful

We recently talked about adding Move To Folder and Copy to Folder in the context menu, but if you want something more than that, then Send to Toys is a perfect solution. Let’s take a look at the features followed by details of its configuration.

  • Add Folder, Application shortcut in the menu. So you can right-click an image and open with any particular editor you want.
  • Allows you to copy, move, or create shortcut anywhere.
  • Great clipboard support. It allows you to copy path names, file names, and launch in the command prompt itself. How the file names sent to the clipboard can be manipulated, e.g., Use UNC format instead.
  • Open Command Prompt with the current directory set as the folder
  • Send To “Recycle Bin” sends a file or files to the Recycle Bin. You can use SHIFT to delete it forever.
  • To copy file or folder name into the Run Prompt, use Send To “Run…”
  • You can also add anything to Clipboard including the command line utility output

Though there is a hack to add desired folders into the SendTo menu with this software, you don’t need that.

How to use Send To Toys Software

First, download and install SendtoToys. During the installation, you can choose the number of “Send To” options. I would recommend you to install all of them as you can always remove them later.  It will then be available under Control Panel ( Control Panel\All Control Panel Items).

  • Choose entries to keep and remove
  • Default Folder can be the last used folder, parent folder, selected file folder, or a dedicated folder
  • You can set the default to move instead of copy
  • Configure Clipboard and the default mail client.

Customize Send To Windows

Using the application is tad simple. Right-click on any file or folder, and then use the appropriate option. When you choose Folder, you can choose to copy, move, or create a shortcut in the destination folder. Click on the Settings button to change the Folder Settings on the fly.

Send to Folder Menu

Overall, Send To Toys Software is one of the best applications that makes it possible for anybody to enhance the experience and also help you to move files and applications from one place to another with the least effort.



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