Sending Mass Scrap on Orkut is Official ( With Google Wave in Background )

Orkut in their recent major update makes Sending Mass Scrap official but that can be done to only friends who are in a group i.e. example if you have friends at work or family. Long time back we used a script but now that’s not required. Here is snapshot of how it looks like :

Orkut Mass Scrap

Yes the user interface is very similar to what Google Wave was but like the Google Founder said that Wave will find its way into the existing applications and its here.

In the official post, Orkut Team says :

Scraps to multiple people
Now you can send scraps to your friends straight from your homepage in orkut. And more: you can send the same scrap to many people at the same time or even to all your friends. That’s right: no more copy and paste!

Here is a video :

The features are rolled out for Brazil and India so just hold on till you get the update.


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