Set Default Location for items you Send to OneNote

OneNote integrates well with Browsers and other office application making it possible for all the applications so that you can send that information to OneNote Directly to read it later. For example if you have a webpage which you would like to read it later you can send it to OneNote directly.

Now the problem here is by default all the Email Message or Task Note or web content are sent to the OneNote which is currently open which means it messes up your current organized section. On top creates a new section also.

This problem can be fixed by simply changing the option which is available under Send To OneNote settings. The best way for this is to create a new OneNote Book where you can dump all the read later items. Now follow the steps below :

  • Open OneNote. Go to File > Options > Send to OneNote
  • Here You can select different location for each of the items like Email, Contact Notes, Web Content, Print to OneNote etc.

OneNote Send to Default Location

If you want to organize more, create Sections inside this OneNote you created and associate each of these items with one section of OneNote  you want to send.


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