Set Image as Wallpaper: Chrome Extension

We often come across an image on webpage where we want the image to be our desktop wallpaper, if you are using Firefox or IE, it is damn easy, as while in these browsers you simply need to right-click on the image and you get an option to set the image as your wallpaper.

The option to set the image as wallpaper in Firefox is pretty advanced as compared to IE (it sets the image as wallpaper and further you need to select the settings etc. from your computer’s local settings for desktop wallpaper), as it allows you to select the layout and the background color as well.

Set the image on Webpage as wallpaper in Firefox

However, setting an image on webpage as your desktop wallpaper isn’t just a click away if you are using Google’s Chrome browser, but not to worry, you can have this in Chrome too now, with the Chrome Extension named as ‘Set image as wallpaper’ (currently available for Windows only.

All you need to do is, simply install this extension, and restart Chrome. Later, right-click on any image to get the option, as shown below.

Set the image on Webpage as wallpaper in Chrome

As soon as you select the above option, you get the option to select the layout, and this is opens in a new tab.

Set the image on Webpage as wallpaper in Chrome options

This is a great extension, if you browse using Chrome, and love to select wallpapers from the webpages.

Thanks to Mohamed Mansour for giving us this Chrome Extension, you can follow him on Twitter.

Install Set image as wallpaper for Chrome.



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