Set time limits for users in Windows 7

If you would not like your kid to login unless he finishes his home work or want to fix just 2 hrs of day for him to use computer, Windows 7 comes with an out of the box features which allows you to set Time limits or blocking user for some part of the day,  for any account except administrator accounts.

Set time limit for user account

  • Go to Control Panel\User Accounts and Family Safety\Parental Controls
  • Select the user account which you want to limit
  • Set Time Limit for which hours of the day user is allowed to use the computer. Blue indicates blocked time.

Windows 7 parental settingsParental setting also allows you to block some programs which you would not like the user to use.

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  1. How do U set the Family Safety\Parental Controls
    for a user if on a 2008 domain using windows 7. I have a child who is getting her own PC and want to enforce it from the domain level

  2. Hi i want to set the parental control for 30Mins limits since it happens only a hour basis pls do tell me how can i restrict for 30 mins.

  3. I can’t believe Microsoft left out / NEGLECTED the ability to also set a total time QUOTA for the day (ex. 3 total hours anytime between 7 AM and 6 PM) in Windows 7. The current built-in functionality of Windows 7 in this regard is just about useless. You’d think they maybe would have asked a parent, huh?

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