Seven things you can gain from guest blogging on your blog

Around a month back when I was about to leave on tour I called out for guest bloggers. I was not only surprised to get a good response but also good posts as the Guest Blogging went on for a whole month. I was busy in my marriage and family things and Guest blogging helped my blog a lot to stay alive.

Guest blogging not only gives the guest bloggers benefit but also the Host. One after the other I was learning new things and here is my personal experience with Hosting Guest Blogging.

  1. Opens your mind for more basic topics : Sometimes bloggers restrict themselves with kind of post on there blog. Its good to an extent but sometimes you never know how your readers would have benefited. Post on crucial tips to protect PC and ways to fight Spyware for dummies were kind of posts which were basic but then I realized they served purpose to many people who cant afford costly software. So stick to basics and keep reminding them.
  2. Once said is never complete : There are always things that has been said. Lets say for an example how many times you have seen a post on “How to optimize adsense unit”, may be 20 or 50 ….Does every post say it all. I would say rather no for it. If you have something to add, something which is not explained completely, something which needs to be corrected, always do it. Make a similar post, don’t copy but give something more. There is nothing wrong in it. Articles on Make money with text Link ads and Pagerank Misconceptions and Reasons for Loosing Pagerank are the live examples.
  3. Geeky articles can tell you how much you have educated your readers: I had been trying this from time to time with mixed kind of response on posts which are too geeky or technical. But the informative article on How to avoid keyloggers told me the readers have grown by the number of response and traffic ( 2500 UV ) was awesome.
  4. Tells you what other kind of articles you can add on: The kind of articles written was interesting to analyze. It not only gave me an idea of what else I can write on but also what kind of keywords is being searched for.
  5. Can get you new set of readers and traffic: I saw a spike not only in my traffic( 20%) but also in my rss readers ( 50+) at the end of guest blogging. This might would have happened as the readers of guest bloggers dropped on to my blog and subscribed. Even in comments I saw some new people giving time to share their experience.
  6. Opens a new channel of communication: Its been always said, like in life you can live alone in blogging too. Getting bloggers on your blog gives you an open chance to increase your relationship or improve it. I know some more good bloggers I had know but never communicated with. Remember you never know who will help you out where. So make it strong.
  7. Makes you see your blog from other side: Remember teachers day when we used to imitate our teachers and tell them silently what they were like. Same thing happened with me on guest blogging time. I was like a commentator , a reader rather than a moderator. I learned few things which I would surely implement and improve on my blog with time to come. If possible try to get see your blog from the other side, it’s a mind opener.

There could be more that can be added here but I would like to hear from you and your experience of guest blogging. If you have any more points do tell us and we will add it on the list.

At the end I would thank a million to all the bloggers for helping me out for the whole month. Keeping my promise, I would review all the guest bloggers blog , one every week. I can never return you the favor but this is all I can do and feel free to get in touch any time. Thanks!.


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