Seven things you should know before calling PayPal

Recently I had some issue with PayPal and had to call them for better help as they were not able to respond on email due to congestion. I had talked to them 3 times on phone and learned a couple of things which I wanted to share with you all. This can be very useful for people who are out side United States. The main reason being is because we have different way of pronouncing things and we don’t encounter so much with them on phone. So if you have some problem of non payments, delayed checks or any bank transfer issues, follow the below points before you call them

#1 Note down the Purpose of Calling

It’s always a good option to write the details of your problem on a piece of paper before you call them. Remember If you are making an International call it can costly and irritating for the agents if you keep searching for the information when asked.

Contacting PayPalWrite down the following things

  • Main Purpose
  • Transaction ID if applicable.
  • What you would like to know
  • What would you like to do in case of Yes or no with the problems
  • Your Credit card and verification number.

#2 Correct Phone Number

Get the correct phone number when you care going to call them. Don’t get it from your friends or reference but get it from their site. You don’t want to give out all the details to a prank number.

#3 It’s a Voice Enabled Service

When you call PayPal you are greeted by a voice interactive media which tells you about menu options and you need to speak on the first hand.

#4 Speaking Clearly

Make sure you speak clearly into your mouthpiece. Since its voice enabled service if you don’t speak properly or there is a lot of voice in the background the system gets confused and repeats the menu.

#5 Spelling Your Phone Number

This is the first thing you are asked to do when you call them. You need to spell each digit clearly. You can even enter it through your phone number pad but if you are calling from Public Booth the signals distort a little and input confuses the system. Preferably use the same number which you have included in your account.

#6 How to quickly get in touch to Agents

This is one tip nobody can tell you. There is no direct menu option ( which you hear ) allows you to connect to agent directly. Like in my case I need to talk to them and not hear the menu. When I was not able to select any option for a long time , The voice enabled service asked me to say “Agent” .

This is one hidden thing. So all you need to do is say the word “Agent” as soon as the voice starts telling you about the menu. This will directly you connect you to an agent and you are all ready to talk.

#7 Verification Process when you talk to the agent

As soon as you connect to an agent they will verify you depending on all or some of the details listed below.

  • First and Last Name
  • Email Id
  • Credit Card number and verification number

You need to spell them clearly. In case you have different accent I would suggest you to spell it word by word. This will be really helpful if you have a very long name and complex email id.

They might not ask your complete credit card number but verification number of credit card ( Listed at the back of your credit card) has high chances. Talk to them nicely and have patience, they will sure help you out.Good luck in case you have to call them.

Disclaimer: All the tips written here are from my experience which might or might not be applicable in certain cases.


  1. Calling PayPal is a bad experience. I just wanted confirmation on some PayPal Standard features. To get this information you have to supply bank details, login details through an automated system which in my case could’t find my account. I just want to speak to someone so I can give them more business!

  2. Always get put on hold for 30 minutes minimum. It almost always lasts about 55 minutes. Ridiculous. Really only call at the last possible outcome. Research what others have to say from their experience and apply it to yours. Its a lot more helpful than waiting around for your speaker to hear a customer service rep.


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