Share and host files up to 10GB for free : File Savr

We talked about 9 File Sending and Sharing services, these services allow you to share files by uploading them on a remote server and later they give you a download link, which can be shared the way you want i.e. via email, on IM etc.

Here is another service File Savr, which is actually a file hosting service, once you upload the file, you are redirected to the download page of the uploaded file, copy the URL from address bar, and share it, simple! Isn’t it?

Features of File Savr –

  • No sign up required, and free (if the file size is within 10GBs).
  • Sign up for paid accounts to upgrade so as to get a file hosting of bigger file size than 10GBs.
  • No ads, pop-ups.
  • Simple interface.
  • Once the file is uploaded, you are redirected to the download page, copy the URL there to share the file.
  • Pretty fast.

However, if the file you are sharing is confidential, or somehow you don’t want everybody to access it, this service won’t be good choice for you, reason being; generally the download link is of the form, so it can be easily guessed. Renaming the file to something weird enough before uploading might help.

File Savr is one of the simplest and fastest file hosting service I have ever seen, give it a try, and have your say.

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