Share clipboard between two computer with Copy Paste Addon

In case you are looking for a simple and free option to copy text in between 2 computers ( Can be different OS also i.e. Windows , MAC, Linux) , You must try Copy and Paste FF addon which helps you share text between computers. Its like doing a  copy and paste text between computers with ctrl+c and ctrl+v. It accesses windows clipboard viewer and clipboard container for Mac OS X

Copy Paste FF addon
Copy Paste FF addon

Moreover if you have 2 -3 computers side by side this can make you more productive. Right now I share text through messenger or simply putting the text in a notepad and sharing across.

This addon ( Via Ghacks ) works on the concept of shared clipboard. Every OS has a text clipboard which this add on shares with other computers and does the job.

  • You will have to run this addon at both the local and remote machine
  • You will have to tell the IP addresses so it know which clipboard it has to share.


  1. Great tool indeed, but doesn’t work in a corporate environment where firewalls are closed or ip numbers can change. I use a little open-source tool called ClipboardMShareJ that shares the clipboard across any platform that can run Java.


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